Impactful Interviewing:

Bring Doubles Of Everything To An Interview

by Beau Riche

In addition to a list of questions you want to ask and a pen and notepad you should also bring duplicate copies of anything else that you may need to provide to the interviewer. When booking the interview, ask if there is anything specific you should bring with you (normally references is the only requirement). But if you are applying for a driving job, a driver's abstract may be required or if you are applying as a writer you may be asked to bring in a sample of your work.

Make sure to write down the requested items to bring and make duplicates. If more than one person is going to interview you, bring one for each of them and then one more. This show forethought and preparedness. You also don't want to make your interviewer look bad by not being prepared if they forgot or lost your resume. Let them know that you brought an extra copy for them and hand it over.

Chances are this won't happen, but won't you be happy if it does and you are prepared? By brining more copies than are required, you can provide your extra copy to the other interviewers so they are not all huddled around the one copy of your writing portfolio or resume.

Even if you are not asked to bring references to the interview, take the time to type out and print copies anyway. If the interview went well you are sure to be asked for them and this again, shows that you think ahead and make the necessary preparations. Do not show up without any special documents that were specifically requested of you, if you do not think you can obtain them in the timeframe given be sure to let the person know before you arrive for the interview.


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